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Prime Years: 1998 -

Incubus has a bit broader scope than most of their Nu Metal contemporaries.

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July Twenty Sixth Featured Artist

Michael Phillip Jagger, otherwise known as "Mick," is born in Dartford, Kent. 1943
1940's  We will Rock you. Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor, has a birthday. 1949
1960's  Gary Cherone, Extreme/Van Halen (short-timer) vocalist, is born in Malden, MA. 1960

The release of the Rolling Stones "Beggars Banquet" is postponed over the album cover art. The Stones want a graffiti laden bathroom. Their label objects. In the end, the album is released with a white cover. The group’s name and LP title are written in script. It's also the first album where Mick Jagger plays guitar. 1969

1970's  Dan Konopka, drummer for OK Go, celebrates his birthday. 1974

Ted Nugent goes gold with his sixth album. The self-titled set contains "Dog Eat Dog" and "Hey Baby." 1976

Elvis Costello is arrested while performing outside the London Hilton. CBS Record executives are meeting there and Elvis wants an audition for a U.S. deal. Costello is taken away and fined but CBS invites him back for a proper audition, which he nails. 1977

Can MTV be far off? Rolling Stone magazine says videos are "the newest selling tool in Rock." 1979

1980's  Dave Baksh enters the world. The Sum 41 guitarist leaves the group in '06 over "creative differences." 1980

Former Genesis frontman, Peter Gabriel, hits the top of the charts on his own with "Sledgehammer." 1986

1990's  Taylor Michel Momsen, frontwoman for The Pretty Reckless, is born.

There’s heavy rain, mud and high winds but Rage Against The Machine still perform at the Fuji Rock Festival held in Japan at a mountain resort. 1997

2000's  Courtney Love blasts ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl in Spin magazine. "Dave gets to walk away unscathed and be the happy guy in Rock, when he's one of the biggest jerks," says the widow Cobain. "He's been taking money from my child (that would be Francis Bean Cobain) for years." Grohl wisely declines to respond. 2005

"Stricken," the first single from Disturbed's third studio album, "Ten Thousand Fists," hits the airwaves. 2005

Fans attending a Billy Corgan concert in Melbourne, Australia, shout requests for Smashing Pumpkins songs. The ex-Pumpkins frontman, who is touring to support his solo album "TheFutureEmbrace," gets angry when the shouting doesn't subside and walks off the stage. 2005

A press release announces that Seether frontman Shaun Morgan will check himself into rehab for a "dependence on a combination of substances"" This news leads the group to cancel their participation on Staind’s summer tour. Seether fulfills a week’s worth of scheduled appearances before Morgan enters rehab. 2006

Jimmy Page takes the stand at a music-bootlegging trial in Glasgow, Scotland. The defendant, Robert Langley, is accused of attempting to sell unauthorized Led Zeppelin recordings (among other charges). Defense lawyers argue that Page had previously shown a flexible attitude toward bootlegging, but the legendary guitarist insists there's a difference between trading pirated recordings and selling them. "What is unacceptable with this passing off is when somebody is trying to make a huge profit and is making it look official when it's substandard quality," says Page. Following Page’s testimony Langley changes his plea to guilty. He is eventually sentenced to 20 months in prison. 2007
Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi is in bookstores. Authored by Bon Jovi's original tour manager Rich Bozzett, the unauthorized biography is presented as a first-hand account of the band's early years. "I lived with the band and saw it all, from the incredible fan support to how Jon and the band dealt with the drugs, alcohol and sex that were all part of that world," says Bozzett. 2010

SPIN magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary with concerts. SPIN25 in New York City features the Smashing Pumpkins, Black Keys and the Flaming Lips. 2010

Creed gives a charity performance at the Hard Rock to benefit Nashville flood victims. All concert proceeds go to Hands On Nashville, a group that supports volunteers in the area. 2010

Singer Sheryl Crow is named an ambassador for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Her goal is to mobilize musicians and fans to help children with cancer and their families. "A cancer diagnosis is a complete and total show stopper that leaves a family feeling completely helpless," says Crow, a cancer survivor and mother-of-two. "By uniting the music industry through Music Gives, we are going to help give these families hope by raising funds for St. Jude, a place that is on the cutting edge of cancer research and always looking for a cure." 2011

Iron Maiden top Billboard's weekly Hot Tours list with $19 million (US) in box office revenue from their Maiden England summer European tour. 2013

Singer-songwriter JJ Cale, who penned "After Midnight" and "Cocaine," two of Eric Clapton's biggest hits, dies of a heart attack in La Jolla at the age of 74. Cale released several solo albums and his songs were also covered by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carlos Santana and Tom Petty. 2013

Puddle Of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is arrested following a 100 mile per hour police chase in Minnesota. Police say Scantlin slurred his words and had "very watery and bloodshot eyes." He's charged with DUI and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle. 2015

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