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The Turtles

Prime Years: 1965 - 1968

The Turtles were a counterweight to the late-60’s ‘heaviness’ of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors and Jefferson Airplane.

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May Twenty Third Featured Artist

Though hardly their best effort (does that really matter?), Linkin Park's third studio album, "Minutes To Midnight," debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling 623,000 copies during its first week. "We're shocked and humbled by this extraordinary show of support," says guitarist Brad Delson. 2007
“Cathy’s Clown” is a chart-topper for the Everly Brothers. 1960

The Beach Boys release their first #1 single, “I Get Around.” 1964

The Beatles issue “Paperback Writer” in the U.K. John Lennon’s “Rain” is on the B-side. 1966

The BBC bans The Beatles “A Day In The Life.” Frank Gillard, the BBC’s Director of Sound Broadcasting writes, “the words ‘I’d love to turn you on’ followed by that mounting montage of sound, could have a rather sinister meaning.” 1967

It’s Phil Selway’s birthday. The Radiohead drummer is from Oxfordshire, England. 1967

The Who releases their Rock opera “Tommy.” 1969
Iron Butterfly disband one month after “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” falls off the Album Chart, following a 138 week run. 1971

Peter Gabriel plays his final show with Genesis before going solo. It’s in St. Etienne, France. 1975

“The Kids Are Alright” a documentary of The Who premieres in New York. 1979

Tom Petty files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in a financial battle with his record label, MCA. In the end, Petty gets Backstreet Records (controlled by MCA). This sort of stuff only makes sense to lawyers. 1979

1980's  Though issued in the U.K. nearly five years earlier, AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” peaks at #3 on the U.S. album chart. 1981
1990's  Five-and-a-half years after its release, Melissa Etheridge’s self-titled debut album goes platinum (one million sales). 1994

Fleetwood Mac concludes their “live” performance in front of an invited audience. The concert footage is shown on both MTV and VH1 and is released as “The Dance” CD. 1997

Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan announces the group will disband following their current tour. Internal riffs and management troubles are tagged as the cause. 2000

Mad Season” from Matchbox 20 is released. 2000

Ozzy Osbourne gets a Legend Award at the MTV Video Music Awards - Japan. 2004

It’s announced on The Darkness’ web sit that bassist Frankie Poullain has left the group due to "musical differences." 2005

It’s Sammy Hagar Day in San Bernardino, CA. The Red Rocker, a former area resident, pledges to support a local burn facility by donating proceeds from select tickets to the kickoff of his tour in nearby Devore. 2006

Def Leppard's covers album, "Yeah!," is finally released. The long delayed 14-track disc, the group's 12th studio effort, includes songs originally recorded by David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, Thin Lizzy, T. Rex, Free and the Kinks. "I thought it was about time we showed the world what our true roots were," says frontman Joe Elliott. "British pop rock from the early to mid-70s." Big surprise. They also perform on NBC's Tonight Show With Jay Leno. 2006

ZZ Top singer-guitarist Billy Gibbons take parts in a musical tribute to late Country legend Buck Owens during the Academy Of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. 2006

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End premieres in Tokyo. The highly touted appearance of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards as the father of Capt. Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) turns out to be rather uneventful. A bearded Richards only gets to shoot a fellow pirate, play acoustic guitar and display Sparrow's mother's shrunken head (which looks a lot like Anita Pallenberg – just kidding). Depp modeled his Sparrow character after Richards. 2007

17 year-old Jordin Sparks wins American Idol. She's the youngest Idol winner ever and 74 million votes were cast. On the downside, past Idol winners take an ill-advised stab at songs from The Beatles' "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" during the two-hour (over-long) season finale. This is actually worse than the Bee Gees/Peter Frampton attempt at the same thing in the “Sgt. Peppers” film three decades earlier. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry shows up but he's reduced to backing also-ran Sanjaya Malakar on a rendition of the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" and playing on the "Peppers" fiasco. (Ozzy Osbourne is scheduled but backs out when producers ask him to perform with Malakar. Perry probably wishes he'd done the same. Later, Ozzy refers to Malakar as "a hairstyle-challenged idiot"). But the good news is Green Day performs John Lennon's "Working Class Hero." "We wanted to do "Working Class Hero" because its themes of alienation, class, and social status really resonated with us," says frontman Billie Joe Armstrong. "It's such a raw, aggressive song... we felt we could really sink our teeth into it. I hope we've done him justice." The track appears on the John Lennon tribute album, "Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur." 2007

VH1 Classic’s My Playlist premieres with Judas Priest talking about their 10 favorite music videos. 2008

Ex-Jefferson Airplane/Starship singer Grace Slick is on hand for the opening of an exhibit of her artwork at a Las Vegas gallery. The display includes several Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces, including one titled "The White Rabbit's Tea" that Slick created specifically for the showing. 2009

The two-day Schwab Fest '09, a music event held for U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa, Japan, gets underway." "Seether is used to some very intense crowds in the civilian world, but Schwab Fest really took the cake,” says Seether frontman Shaun Morgan. “The Marines' and sailors' passion was simply overwhelming." Seether guitarist Troy McLawhorn describes the experience as "the coolest thing we've ever done.” 2009
2010's  Bret Michaels (Poison) wins Donald Trump’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice despite suffering a brain hemorrhage and a stroke, and the discovery of a hole in his heart. Michaels appears on the show’s season finale, against doctor’s orders. His $250,000 prize is donated to the American Diabetes Association. 2010

Lady Gaga’s album “Born This Way” is released and includes the song "You And I," featuring Queen guitarist Brian May. “If it wasn't for Queen, there would be no Gaga,” says a Gaga source. “This collaboration with Brian May means the world to her.” 2011

The Ozzy Osbourne and Friends tour gets underway in Helsinki. Originally intended as a Black Sabbath reunion, the trek is shortened and renamed due to guitarist Tony Iommi’s health (battling cancer) and a monetary dispute with original Sabbath drummer Bill Ward who declines to participate. “It's sad that it's come to this,” writes Ward. The ‘friends’ include Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Zakk Wylde. 2012

Aerosmith perform "Legendary Child" on the season finale of American Idol. Months earlier this would have seemed impossible even though frontman Steven Tyler is a judge on the show. Guitarist Joe Perry once famously said the singing completion was “one step above [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles." Phillip Phillips is the year’s American Idol. 2012

Recordings by Prince, Bo Diddley and the Grateful Dead are added to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress. Bo Diddley's ‘55 double-sided hit, "I'm A Man/Bo Diddley," the Grateful Dead's ‘77 “Live At Barton Hall” concert recording and Prince and the Revolution's ‘84 soundtrack album, “Purple Rain,” are deemed to be "cultural, artistic and/or historical treasures." 2012

A "serious respiratory infection" sends Elton John to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. for "extensive tests". The ailment forces the cancellation of the singer’s Las Vegas show. 2012

Aerosmith perform at Social Star Awards at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. 288 Social Stars are handed out at the world's first social media awards ceremony; winners are based on data gleaned from 1.7 billion social media users. 2013

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