Rockin’Town Decades will start in the 1960’s when rock music became more diverse and experimental, with the emergence of subgenres such as psychedelic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. The 1970’s saw the emergence of punk rock, which was characterized by its fast tempo, raw sound, and political lyrics. Rock music has continued to evolve and diversify in the decades since, giving rise to countless subgenres and variation

1960s Rock

1960’s Rock

The decade began innocently with the Beach Boys, The Beatles and the British invasion and ...
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1970s rock

1970’s Rock

The 70s had it all… singer/songwriters (Elton John, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen), Glam Rock ...
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1980s Rock

1980’s Rock

It was “morning in America” and MTV ruled led by Duran Duran and Michael Jackson ...
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1990's Rock

1990’s Rock

Hair Metal might have gone on forever had it not been obliterated by Grunge (Nirvana, ...
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2000’s Rock

Both Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers had success in the 90s but they ...
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2010s Decade in Rock History

2010s Rock

Three Days Grace and Shinedown were locked in a long-term battle for supremacy of the ...
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2020s decade in rock history

2020s Rock

Not unexpectantly, Three Days Grace and Shinedown continued their battle for the most #1s on ...
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