May 24, 2024

Hall Aflame, a band led by Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, has released sophomore album, Amplifire.” The album contains the singles The Same Gutter and “1974.”

Originally formed in ’89, Hall Aflame released its debut effort which found some success, but they and their album soon got pushed aside by Grunge. The band went on a lengthy hiatus but reunited in late ’23.

“This album (“Amplifire”) came about as a project to document all the songs that we had written for the second album that never came to be,” offered Vanderhoof.

Amplifire Tracks:

01. Helltown
02. Ripcord
03. 1974
04. This Ain’t Love
05. The Same Gutter
06. It Ain’t Enough
07. Gunnin’
08. Pullin’ Me Apart
09. Long Way Down
10. Keeping Them All Away
11. Cowboy (bonus track) (CD and digital)
12. Paradise On Ice (bonus track) (CD and digital)

In addition to Vanderhoof, Hall Aflame has original bassist Brian Smith, along with drummer Bill Raymond and vocalist Scott Nutter.

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