May 22, 2024

Dirty Honey has released its sophomore effort Can’t Find The Brakes.” The album features the title track and “Won’t Take Me Alive.”

“We decided to call the album ‘Can’t Find The Brakes’ because the title was almost a time capsule of our lives right now,” stated vocalist Marc LaBelle. “Sometimes being a touring musician can feel like you’re on a train going full speed, and even if you could find the brakes, would you really want to?”

“Can’t Find The Brakes” Track Listing:

01. Don’t Put Out The Fire
02. Won’t Take Me Alive
03. Dirty Mind
04. Roam
05. Get A Little High
06. Coming Home (Ballad Of The Shire)
07. Can’t Find The Brakes
08. Satisfied
09. Ride On
10. You Make It All Right
11. Rebel Son

Dirty Honey‘s “Can’t Find The Brakes” North American headline tour is underway. .

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