November 30, 2023

Atreya‘s “A Torch In The Dark,” the final installment of its three-part EP series, has dropped.

The set features the tracks “(i)” and “Forevermore.”

“A Torch In The Dark” was preceded by “The Hope Of A Spark” and “The Moment You Find Your Flame” EPs, leading to “The Beautiful Dark Of Life” album, which will drop in December and serve as the culmination of all three EPs delving into the cycles of life and human existence. 

The band made a decision to release a series of EPs rather than a single album.  Frontman Brandon Saller says when an album comes out only a handful of songs get attention… and the rest gets overlooked.

“We just wanted a way to kind of just be able to shine a light on the songs a little bit more individually,” added Saller.

“A Torch In the Dark” Track Listing:

01. (i)
02. Death Or Glory
03. Forevermore
04. Come Down

“I’m all about alternative methods of release,” Saller concluded. “I just wanna release things that make it more accessible and easy to actually consume and digest them.”

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