June 15, 2024

Nothing More will release their seventh album, “Carnal,” on June 28th. The album contains the newly released “Angel Song,” featuring Disturbed’s David Draiman. “The power of the track is undeniable,” enthused Draiman. “I’ve been a fan of the band since the very beginning.”

“‘Angel Song is the haunting sound of our past selves melting into a future that is as bright as it is dark,” offered Nothing More frontman Jonny Hawkins. “As the song was coming together in the studio, it became immediately clear to us that David Draiman’s voice would take it to another level.”

“Carnal” Tracks:

01. Carnal
02. House On Sand (featuring Eric V of I Prevail)
03. If It Doesn’t Hurt
04. Angel Song (featuring David Draiman – pictured)
05. Freefall
06. Blame It On The Drugs
07. Head
08. Existential Dread
09. Heart
10. Down The River
11. Give It Time
12. Sight
13. Stuck (featuring Sinizter)
14. Run For Your Life
15. Sound

Nothing More will embark on a tour in June supporting Godsmack.


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