April 23, 2024

Within Temptation have released their eighth studio album, “Bleed Out.”

Preferring to focus on singles rather than attempting to record an album in one fell swoop, Within Temptation released Entertain You,” The Purge,” Shed My Skin and Don’t Pray For Me.”

Recently, the band also issued “Ritual,” the fifth single from the album.

“It’s a fun track about seduction,” vocalist Sharon Den Adel explained. “It’s about the lady taking power in a male dominated world and taking her own initiative.”

She added, “(It) is one of the kinkiest songs the band have ever written.”

“Bleed Out” Track Listing:

01. We Go To War
02. Bleed Out
03. Wireless
04. Worth Dying For
05. Ritual
06. Cyanide Love
07. The Purge
08. Don’t Pray For Me
09. Shed My Skin (featuring Annisokay)
10. Unbroken
11. Entertain You

Earlier this year, Den Adel discussed the band’s decision to shift its focus from releasing albums to issuing a series of singles. “Since we started doing only singles, it takes so much more time, so much more effort, because every single is a single. It’s not just a random song on the album.” 

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