April 23, 2024

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider is ‘totally fine’ with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) using his band’s most famous song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” as a battle cry during a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip with the stated objective of destroying the Palestinian militant group Hamas for a deadly October 7th attack on Israel that claimed 1,400 lives.

“I wrote a song 40 years ago that I had no idea was gonna become this folk song for the ages,” stated Snider in a TMZ interview. “But it was by design that I wrote it so anybody could put their situation into it.”

Snider addressed concerns that the IDF response will be too intense for what happened.

“When you cross that line, you’re burning people, you’re slaughtering people, you’re raping people, you’re just killing people, you don’t get to say, ‘Okay, your revenge can be this much. You cross that line, you know… Shit’s gonna happen.”

The song has been used by people and organizations on the left and right. However, if there is conflict between his beliefs and the organization’s he is quick to publicly denounce the use of the song.

Snider is also fine with the U.S. military using “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” as a ‘thank you’ for their service.

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