April 25, 2024

An updated Thundermother lineup has released “I Left My License In The Future.” The track has founding guitarist Filippa Nässil joined by singer Linnéa Vikström, bassist Majsan Lindberg and drummer Joan Massing.

“With this first single from the new lineup, we would like to give the fans a hard hitting no-brainer track aimed at the one in the passenger seat without a driver’s license,” wrote the band in a statement. “(It’s) an anthem for those of us who never get to be the designated driver and a love letter to the ones in the driver’s seat.”

Following an internal dispute earlier this year singer Guernica Mancini, bassist Mona Lindgren and drummer Emlee Johansson exited Thundermother. They went on to form The Gems., 

Nässil enlisted a new Thundermother lineup.

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