July 23, 2024

The Exies long-awaited comeback EP, “Closure,” containing “Spirits High,” “For What It’s Worth” and “s.A.D.,” has arrived. “Spirits High” was the band’s first song in fifteen years.

“‘Closure’ is about moving from the past so one can walk through the door to the next chapter,” noted frontman Scott Stevens.

The Exies formed in ’97 taking their name from a term coined by John Lennon. When The Beatles played Hamburg in the early ’60s they encountered Mods, Rockers and art students who referred to themselves as “the existentialists.” Lennon called them The Exies.

Two albums, “Inertia” (’03) and “Head Fo The Door” (’04), have sold over 400,000 copies combined with “Inertia: being the most successful reaching #115 on the Billboard 200.


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