April 22, 2024

Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz has released a music video for the ballad “A Song To Save Us All, a rallying cry against the plight of animals ensnared by the fur industry. It’s also the official soundtrack for the award-winning documentary Ending Real Fur.”

“Through A Song To Save Us All’, I aim to amplify the voices of those silenced by the fur industry’s cruelty,” explained White-Gluz. “Music has the power to transcend boundaries and evoke empathy, and I hope this song serves as a catalyst for meaningful change.”

Last September, White-Gluz delivered the opening speech at the “Animal Liberation March” in New York City. She has received a Libby Award from PETA for her work in an international campaign advocating against the hunting of Canadian seals. Also last year, she posed as a mermaid in a PETA anti-fishing ad campaign.

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