July 23, 2024

Anvil’s 20th studio album “One And Only” has dropped. It contains the singles “Feed Your Fantasy” and “World Of Fools.”

“This particular time, I went about it from a different perspective,” stated frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow. “I knew exactly how many riffs go in the verse, how many choruses, where they go. The songs were totally written before I went in and showed the other guys. And the difference is they’re pure, and they’re not interrupted, because they’re uninterrupted writing.”

“One And Only” Tracks:

01. One And Only
02. Feed Your Fantasy
03. Fight For Your Rights
04. Heartbroken
05. Gold And Diamonds
06. Dead Man Shoes
07. Truth Is Dying
08. Rocking The World
09. Run Away
10. World Of Fools
11. Condemned Liberty
12. Blind Rage

Anvil formed in ’78. But only Kudlow and drummer Robb “Robbo” Reiner have been in the Metal band since inception. Bassist Chris Robertson joined in ’14.

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