July 15, 2024

Living Colour vocalist Corey Glover and Adrenaline Mob guitarist Mike Orlando have launched Sonic Universe. The group also has bassist Booker King and drummer Taykwuan Jackson.

On May 10th the band will release its debut album, It Is What It Is.”

“All the stuff that I love kind of just melded into one melting pot,” explained Orlando. “It’s just heavy, hard Rock kick in you know what.”

The set’s lead single, I Am.” The music video was directed by Tom Flynn and shot in Toms River, NJ.

It Is What It Is” Track Listing:

01. I Am
02. It Is What It Is
03. Turn A Blind Eye
04. My Desire
05. Whisper To A Scream
06. Higher
07. Life
08. Come What May
09. I Want It All
10. Beautiful Disunity

The band has been in development for some time. Orlando stated in ’20 that he was collaborating with Glover.

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