April 24, 2024

Snarls, an indie band from Columbus OH, have released “Heavy Drinker.”

“It encapsulates everything we love about our band with a fresh take,” Snarls said.

Heavy Drinker” follows the single “Big Fish.” Both will appear on their upcoming sophomore album, “With Love,” out May 3rd.

“(The album) covers all kinds of topics from love to loss, confidence to self-loathing, (and) all the various ups and downs we’ve gone through in such a transformative period of time,” added the band.

“With Love” Track Listing:

1. With Love

2. Big Fish

3. Heavy Drinker

4. Baby Bangs

5. Moon Tides

6. Driving Faster

7. Wishing Bones

8. Star Power9. Sugar Rush

10. Ur Song / Lovers Of Valdero

The group consists of lead singer and guitarist Chlo White, bassist Riley Hall, and guitarist Mick Martinez.

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