July 15, 2024

SlipknotKoЯnNickelback and Smashing Pumpkins are among the artists included in Kentucky senator Rand Paul’s (12/23) annual report on wasteful government spending.

The report identified $900 billion in federal waste this year, including monies provided to “dozens of famous music artists” under the Small Business Administration’s Shuttered Venue Operators Grant designed to “provide a lifeline to small entertainment businesses nationwide.” 

Smashing Pumpkins (pictured above) were identified as among the acts who received up to $10 million while Nickelback, a Canadian band, received $2 million.”  KoЯn got $5.3 million and Slipknot was given $9.7 million, with the band’s Knotfest music festival receiving a $1.05 million grant.

“We have no way of determining how these blank checks were used,” Paul wrote.

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