April 12, 2024

Cancel a concert – get trashed.

Whether its ticket prices, logistics/time issues, add-on costs (over and above the tickets), dashed plans or a sense of entitlement, fans seem far less tolerant of concert cancellations than in the past.

Last week (8/24), Queens Of The Stone Age (QOTSA) announced – via social media – that they will not be performing at The Town Festival in São Paulo, Brazil on September 9th due to “medical recommendations” regarding a band member’s illness.

Many fans were sympathetic to QOTSA’s plight while others were not.

“We deserve more than this silly ass excuse,” one fan wrote.   

“We all know this is a lie. So disappointed, this is really disrespectful,” stated another.

The intensity of these and other negative remarks led a QOTSA supporter to respond.

“The selfishness in these comments is astonishing. Y’all do realize Josh had a cancer diagnosis last year right? It’s not like they canceled because they don’t feel like playing. It’s for medical reasons and they don’t have to share the specifics.”

Even QOTSA entered the fray….

“The audacity in this comment section is disappointing, someone is sick and your response is ‘PLAY MONKEY, PLAY’! I mean, wtf?”

Festival organizers have tapped the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to replace QOTSA. Also slated to perform are Foo Fighters, Garbage, Maroon 5 and Demi Lovato.

In July, Paramore frontwoman Haley Williams was severely criticized by fans for canceling shows due to a lung infection.

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