April 24, 2024

Orianthi has unfurled the music video for the Rock ballad First Time Blues.” Guitar legend Joe Bonamassa is heard during the second solo section.

First Time Blues is about that feeling of when you first feel brokenhearted,” shared Orianthi. “It doesn’t change throughout life if you really have the strength to love and be all-in every time. I’m guilty of that…Love is a gamble!”

The track, recorded at Love Street Sound Studio in L.A., marks Orianthi’s debut Woodward Avenue Records.

In addition to Joe Bonamassa, Justin Andres (bass/vocals), Carey Frank (keyboards), Nick Maybury (guitars) and Elias Mallin (drums) are also heard on the song.

A guitar virtuoso, Orianthi’s career has included five solo albums plus stints backing Michael Jackson and Alice Copper, among others.

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