April 22, 2024

New Years Day has issued Half Black Heart,” the title track of the band’s upcoming fifth studio album, due on March 1st.

“‘Half Black Heart’ is my anthem,” enthused vocalist Ash Costello (pictured). “Nobody is so flawless that they have the right to pass judgment on someone else’s flaws. We all exist as a mix of good and bad.”

“Essentially, it’s a declaration that neither I nor anyone else will ever be perfect,” added Costello.

The album also features the previously released tracks “Vampyre,” “Hurts Like Hell,” “Secrets” and I Still Believe.”

“Half Black Heart” Track Listing:

01. Vampyre
02. Half Black Heart
03. Hurts Like Hell
04. Secrets
05. Fearless
06. Bullet Proof
07. Burn It All Down
08. Enemy
09. I Still Believe.”
10. Unbreak My Heart
11. So Sick
12. Creature Of Habit

The Goth Pop Punk band formed in ’05.

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