May 22, 2024

Countless Rock bands have announced their retirement only to return (often again and again).

KISS is slated to play their final show on December 2nd at Madison Square Garden in New York City, That concert will conclude the band’s “End Of The Road” tour.

Is this really the end?

“I’ll say right here, right now, my hand on the Bible, it will be the final KISS-in-makeup appearance,” the band’s Gene Simmons told Rolling Stone.

“My hand on the Bible,” the bassist reiterated. “And I should know because my people wrote that book. In fact, my people also wrote the follow-up book, the New Testament.”

Simmons cited wearing KISS make-up and costumes (which are heavy and cumbersome) and the band’s physically demanding, highly theatrical shows as the reasons for wrapping up their five-decade stage career.

Simmons added he and the other KISS members may perform onstage again, individually or together, but not as the full-blown KISS. However, a younger version of KISS could emerge.

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