April 24, 2024

Sum 41‘s double album, Heaven :x: Hell, has arrived. The band’s eighth album has been presented as their last.

“This is the record I’d like to go out on,” noted vocalist Deryck Whibley. “We’ve made a double album of Pop Punk and Metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time for us to pave this lane for ourselves, but we did, and it’s unique to us.”

The album features “Landmines” and “Rise Up.”

“When I wrote ‘Landmines‘, I had no intention of writing an old-school ‘Pop Punk’ song,” Whibley explained. “It just came out really quickly and I knew right away that this song felt special to me.”

“Writing Rise Up, I felt the way I did when I first got signed,” Whibley added. “I felt the pressure and the need to create something great, but I felt so excited at the same time.”

“Heaven :x: Hell” Track Listing:


01. Waiting On A Twist Of Fate
02. Landmines
03. I Can’t Wait
04. Time Won’t Wait
05. Future Primitive
06. Dopamine
07. Not Quite Myself
08. Bad Mistake
09. Johnny Libertine
10. Radio Silence

“Hell” Album:

01. Preparasi A Salire
02. Rise Up
03. Stranger In These Times
04. I Don’t Need Anyone
05. Over The Edge
06. House Of Liars
07. You Wanted War
08. Paint It Black
09. It’s All Me
10. How The End Begins

Sum 41 formed in Ajax, Ontario in ’96.

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