April 24, 2024

Dark Tranquillity will release their thirteenth studio album, Endtime Signals,” on August 16th. The set features the lead single/visualizer “The Last Imagination.”

“We’ve gone through quite a lot in order to end up where we find ourselves today,” wrote the band in a statement. “The Last Imagination showcases one of many facets of what we feel is our most diverse album to date.”

“Thematically. the album deals with where we are heading, what has truly and fundamentally changed in us and how we find ways to cope with it,” added the band. “The breadth of the album is something we have worked hard at and we believe that this first song gives an indication if not a full picture of what is in store.”

Dark Tranquillity:

Mikael Stanne – Vocals
Johan Reinholdz – Guitar
Martin Brändström – Electronics
Christian Jansson – Bass
Joakim Strandberg Nilsson – Drums

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