June 16, 2024

“It’s all about promoting your stuff online.,” explained Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd in a recent interview with Classic Album Review.

But that is easier said than done.  ‘Okay, you’ve got 20 seconds to get somebody’s attention, and then that’s it,” Todd was told less than five years ago.

“Guess what it is now,” Todd continued. “It’s like five seconds. And so that’s crazy. People are just flipping through stuff, and they just only watch what they see.”

“There’re tons of Rock bands putting out records (but) information (on streaming platforms) is just so spread out now. And so it’s very hard for people to focus on you.”

Buckcherry‘s most recent album, “Vol. 10” dropped last June.

The band has also released Tell ‘Em It’s Christmas.” “Like everything Buckcherry, we hope it pits a smile on your face,” wrote the band in a statement.

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