April 12, 2024

“The Surface,” Beartooth’s fifth studio effort, will arrive October 13th. The set features the track “The Better Me,” a collaboration with Country Rock’s Hardy.

The accompanying video has frontman Caleb Shomo and Hardy performing the track in a studio, driving and playing golf.  

On social media fans liked that the song was positive and that Beartooth’s first collaboration was something different.

‘Beartooth + HARDY, the collab I didn’t know I needed. Give me more!,” wrote one supporter,

Another fan chimed in with “Im not a golfer or a morning person but this video and tune just made my whole morning shine. “

But one fan had a different reaction. “This is the first miss for me. I wouldn’t call it outright bad (but) it almost stops being a Beartooth song to me.”

“I feel like Beartooth tried to write a Hardy song. It’s not bad but so far the weakest off of the album,” another stated.

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