July 15, 2024

AC/DC sold 1.5 million tickets in one day in advance of their European “Power Up” tour scheduled to begin in May.

“I woke up at 2:30 or 3 in the morning and Europe had already opened — and we’d sold out some of the shows already,” Chris Dalston told Pollstar. Dalston serves as co-head of international touring at Creative Artist Agency (CAA). “They (promoters) never want to hear fans complaining about ticket prices being too high. There’s also a point where we have to push it a little bit because otherwise they couldn’t afford to tour — especially when they’re playing one day on, three days off…” The ‘comfortable’ schedule was developed so as not to push Brian Johnson’s voice.

“Obviously the goal is to hopefully have them continue if they enjoy it and it works well … to try to keep them out in ’25, ’26, ’27, however long they want to go, but we gotta get through Europe first,” concluded Dalston.

“Power Up” European Tour Line-Up:

Brian Johnson – Vocals 

Angus Young – Guitars

Steve Young – Guitars

Chris Chaney – Bass

Matt Laug – Drums 

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