July 23, 2024

The Warning, the sister-trio from Monterrey, Mexico, have released its fourth full-length album, “Keep Me Fed” with the track “Burnout.”

“Throughout the whole process, the work was consuming us. By impacting everything we did, the album kept us fed both creatively and personally,” shared drummer Paulina “Pau” Villarreal.

Another featured song is “Hell You Call A Dream.”

“When you’re touring, you experience the positives, the negatives, and the whole spectrum of emotion all at once,” noted guitarist/vocalist Daniela “DanyVillarreal. ” It’s about how something you love so much can be something that also weighs you down, but you continue to do it out of love.”

The set also contains “Automatic Sun.”

“It’s about missing someone and the energy this person gives you,” commented “Dany” Villarreal. “You’re drawn into their gravitational pull and brightness — like an automatic sun.”

The Warning:

Daniela “Dany” Villarreal – Guitar/Lead Vocals/Piano

Alejandra “Ale” Villarreal – Bass/Piano/Backing Vocals

Paulina “Pau” Villarreal – Drums/Vocals/Piano

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