May 22, 2024

Richie Kotzen has premiered the music video for his single Cheap Shots.  The track is part of Kotzen’s upcoming solo album. The audio version dropped two weeks ago.

“I really never know how, when or where inspiration will strike for a song idea,” explained The Winery Dogs guitarist. “I never try to force anything because I know ultimately at some point in time life will hand you a situation and for a guy like myself that is the perfect spark.

“So if someone does you wrong, multiple times, then we’re done here,” continued Kotzen. “Move on and forget ’em! That is really where the song is coming from.”

As a solo artist, Kotzen has released numerous albums. He was a member of Poison from ’91 to ’93, Mr. Big from ’99 to ’02, and since ’12, has been the frontman of The Winery Dogs.


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