April 12, 2024

Queen guitarist Brian May (pictured left) says the band is not behind the recent increase in copyright strikes issued against Queen + Adam Lambert concert videos posted to YouTube and other platforms.

A copyright strike is a policing practice used to halt copyright infringement and comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

May shared a screenshot of message from a Queen fan who claimed to have gotten a “strike” from Universal and YouTube over Queen videos she posted on the platform writing, “I got a strike and deleted most of my concert videos. If you get multiple strikes you may lose your channel. Be careful!”

“The decision to take these videos down certainly hasn’t come from us, the band,” stated May. “Hopefully we will get an answer soon. Meanwhile, be extra careful and I’m sorry you good folks of good intentions have been put in this position.”

Some artists don’t allow unauthorized fan videos of their live performances to be shared online. In most cases though, no issue is raised since most musicians don’t want to alienate the very fans who pay to see them.

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