May 22, 2024

Queen’s catalog has generated over 20-billion streams on Spotify.  That’s more streams than The Beatles, Linkin Park or Metallica.

Not surprisingly, “Bohemian Rhapsody” accounts for roughly 10% of the total with 2.295-billion streams (an average of 869-thousand streams a day).

Queen also has four songs that have exceeded a billion streams on Spotify.

Don’t Stop Me Now 1,746,595,457 streams (906,179 average daily streams)

Another One Bites The Dust1,658,203,036 streams (785,915 average daily streams)

Under Pressure1,439,359,123 streams (741,125 average daily streams)

We Will Rock You – 1,141,704,877 (518,060 average daily streams/We Are The Champions – 645,752,238 (275,650 average daily streams)

The results are based on a recent tally by

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