July 24, 2024

Puddle Of Mudd have canceled September 15th/16th shows at The Machine Shop in Flint, MI.

In a statement, the venue blamed frontman Wes Scantlin and forbade Puddle Of Mudd from rescheduling the show, effectively banning the act from the venue.

“This is not a ‘due to circumstances beyond our control’ cancellation,” the venue added. “This is 100% Wes. We will not be postponing the shows as we are not ever rescheduling Puddle Of Mudd.”

“The shows in question were set up without my consent by my former management team,” Scantlin wrote in a post. “I told my team at the time more than once that no shows should be booked without my authorization. I never agreed to these shows.”

All tickets purchased will be refunded.

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