April 22, 2024

Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson has released the official music video for “Rain On The Graves.” The track is from his upcoming solo album “The Mandrake Project,” which will drop March 1st. The set was recorded in L.A. with Dickinson’s long-time co-writer and producer Roy “Z” Ramirez, who is also heard on both guitar and bass.

“The Mandrake Project” has two components… an album and a graphic novel.

“So The Mandrake Project is… the name of the album,” shared Dickinson. “The comic is a 12-episode graphic novel, kind of adult. There’s lots of stuff in it — there’s lots of sex and drugs and violence and all kinds of stuff. But it’s basically a story about a guy who is looking for his identity,”

“The Mandrake Project” will be Dickinson’s seventh solo album and his first since ’05’s “Tyranny Of Souls.” 

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