June 15, 2024
Hall of Fame Nominees

Dragonforce: The Draco Tale

The band has teamed with ‘Brawl Stars’, a hit multiplayer mobile game with over one billion downloads, to celebrate a new character entering the game.

Kittie: One Foot In The Grave

The new track is the fourth single to be released from the band’s studio album, Fire, their first in over 13 years, due on June 21st.

 The Raveonettes: All I Have To Do Is Dream

It’s a cover of an Everly Brothers classic. “Sharin (Foo) and I used to perform songs by The Everly Brothers before we changed our name to The Raveonettes, so our love for this band goes way back.” offered guitarist/vocalist Sune Rose Wagner.

A Day To Remember: Feedback

The song marks the first new music from the band in two years. They are currently gearing up to embark on The Least Anticipated Album Tour” of North America.

Snow Patrol: The Beginning

The lead single from their forthcoming album “The Forest Is The Path” is the band’s first album in six years and is set for release on September 13th.

The Exies: s.A.D.

A track from the long-awaited comeback EP, “Closure,” set for release on Friday, June 28th. “‘Closure’ is about moving from the past so one can walk through the door to the next chapter,” noted frontman Scott Stevens.

Black Sun: Drown In Sin

 “(It) is a song about the decay and malice of the human race,” explained frontwoman Netta Laurenne. “As the narrator, Karma adds an interesting twist, promising eventual justice for everyone.

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