April 24, 2024

Kittie: We Are Shadows

“We have come to a critical place in life and in our world, and much like an eclipse overtaking the sun, we are losing the light,” explained Kittie guitarist/vocalist Morgan Lander. “It’s a song of coming to terms with the damage we do and acceptance of our fate. We’ve let darkness take hold, and so we are resolved to fade in the night with it.” The band is pictured above.

Within Temptation: A Fool’s Parade

All royalties from the single, which features Ukrainian vocalist Alex Yarmak, will be donated to Music Saves UA for the duration of the Russia-Ukraine. war. “They (Russia) won’t stop,” frontwoman Sharon Den Adel noted. “We wanna keep this a little bit alive in our own small way by writing about it and talking about it and waving a flag on stage about it.”

The Warning: Automatic Sun

“It’s about missing someone and the energy this person gives you,” commented vocalist/guitarist Daniela “Dany” Villarreal. “You’re drawn into their gravitational pull and brightness — like an automatic sun.”

Five Finger Death Punch: This Is The Way (featuring DMX)

“Music is meant to be universal and without boundaries, and it starts at the top with us, the artists,” offered Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory. “We have always embraced the mixing of genres.”

Imagine Dragons: Eyes Closed

“After taking some time off the road and spending time catching up with family and loved ones, I finally have felt the desire to go back to the sonic places that originally brought me the most joy, but with a new outlook and mentality,” the band’s Dan Reynolds shared.

Black Country Communion: Red Sun

“We make music for the four of us,” shared vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes. “We don’t make it for record companies, or this guy or that guy.”

The End Machine: Hell Or High Water

“I still remember how excited I got when I first heard this riff,” stated new vocalist Girish Pradhan (who replaced Robert Mason). “I imagined that this could be our way of paying homage to the legendary Deep Purple musically.”


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