May 22, 2024
2010s Decade in Rock History

Metal tracks released this week.

Accept: Frankenstein

“The story of Frankenstein is old and yet still relevant. The monster is created without being asked. Frankenstein is a human being and yet he is hated and feared by everyone,” stated the band.

Flotsam & Jetsam: I Am The Weapon

“It’s time to give you all a bit of a look at what we have been working on,” wrote the band. “Are you ready for some gnarly and pissed-off Flotzilla?”

HammerFall: Hail To The King

“A few good songs don’t make a strong album. A strong album comes from an album full of great songs,” explained singer Joacim Cans, discussing band’s upcoming 13th album, Avenge The Fallen containing “Hail To The King,” due August 9th.

Saxon: Witches Of Salem

It’s the fourth single from the band’s 24th studio album, “Hell, Fire And Damnation, which dropped in January. “Those poor women in Salem, they weren’t ‘witches’ more than just unfortunate women, really, blamed for everybody’s ailments,” explained lead singer Biff Byford. 

Assinhell: Pyromantic Scryer

The track is from the band’s debut album, “Impii Hora,” which arrived last September. The band has Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen.


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