April 22, 2024

KittiePIG, a non-alcoholic beverage, was the brainchild of We Are Pigs frontwoman Esjay Jones and the Canadian Heavy Metal band Kittie. The partnership grew out of a musical collaboration between We Are Pigs and Kittie leader Morgan Lander on the song Moot.”

“KittiePIG was born out of a passion for heavy music and a desire to provide alternative beverage options at shows and music festivals,” explained Lander.

“Market research showed that consumers have been leaning towards healthy alternatives, seeking out low-sugar and non-alcoholic options,” noted Jones.  “KittiePIG’s aim is to fill this gap by offering a product that is not only desirable and delicious, but that also caters to fans as well as their wants and needs.”

KittiePIG, a non-alcoholic blonde ale with a Saskatoon berry flavor, is crafted for fans who want the fun — without the buzz.

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