April 24, 2024

Ghost have released a “13 Commandments,” which is basically a “greatest hits” compilation.

The set includes “Square Hammer,” “Dance Macabre” and “Phantom Of The Opera,” among others. A complete track listing is below.

The set also contains “Zenith,” originally a bonus track on a special edition of ’15’s “Meliora” album. Until now it was unavailable on digital and streaming services.

“13 Commandments” Track Listing:

1. Square Hammer
2. Year Zero
3. Mary On A Cross
4. Call Me Little Sunshine
5. Darkness At The Heart of My Love
6. Dance Macabre
7. Rats
8. Spillways
9. Cirice
10. If You Have Ghosts
11. He Is
12. Zenith
13. Phantom Of The Opera

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