June 15, 2024

Disturbed has released the music video for the power ballad “Don’t Tell Me,” a song from the band’s latest studio album, “Divisive.” The song, which features Heart’s Ann Wilson a longtime friend of the band, marks the first time Disturbed has included a guest feature on an album.

“I have tremendous respect for Ann,” stated frontman David Draiman (pictured). “In my humble opinion, she’s the greatest female Rock voice of all time. I think she’s untouchable.”

Draiman’s vocal track was recorded in Nashville. Feeling Wilson’s vocals would complete the song, her vocals were laid down in California.

“It was kind of a really magical moment to see the two of them (Draiman and Wilson) working on those harmonies together,” added guitarist Dan Donegan. “It was pretty impressive.” Donegan’s divorce inspired Don’t Tell Me.”

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