July 15, 2024

Bruce Springsteen was on hand at Monmouth University on 10/18 as the New Jersey campus announced plans to expand his archives with a theater and building named after “The Boss.”

The collection of written works, photographs, magazines, and other artifacts was so massive it required a new 30,000-square-foot building.

The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music will also feature a 230-person theater. 

“Having a building with your name on it is a tricky thing because I’m still alive,” Springsteen shared. “I mean, I could get arrested for shooting tequilas in a public park, that’s something that could happen. But all I can say is I will try to do my best to do nothing for the rest of my life to embarrass a building.”

Springsteen didn’t attend Monmouth University — situated near the Jersey Shore.

“Believe it or not, there are people who come from around the world for their vacations or their pilgrimages to spend their hard-earned dollars at Asbury Park or Freehold in search of from whence I have hailed, and now people actually have somewhere else to go besides my house,” Springsteen joked.

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