April 24, 2024

Bruce Dickinson‘s “The Mandrake Project” has arrived. It is the Iron Maiden frontman’s seventh solo album and his first since “Tyranny Of Souls in ’05.

The lead single was “Afterglow Of Ragnarok.”

“The Mandrake Project” Track Listing:

01. Afterglow Of Ragnarok
02. Many Doors To Hell 
03. Rain On The Graves 
04. Resurrection Men 
05. Fingers In The Wounds 
06. Eternity Has Failed 
07. Mistress Of Mercy 
08. Face In The Mirror 
09. Shadow Of The Gods 
10. Sonata (Immortal Beloved) 

“The Mandrake Project” is also the title of a graphic novel series created by Dickinson (scripted by Tony Lee/illustrated by Staz Johnson for Z2 Comics) that will be released in 12 quarterly installments compiled into three annual novels. The first episode will arrived on January 17th.

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