May 24, 2024

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was performing in Brasília last Saturday (April 27th) promoting his recently released solo album, “The Mandrake Project,” when he launched into a tirade over noxious fume wafting over the stage.

“I can’t fucking breathe,” an aggravated Dickinson was seen ranting in a now deleted Instagram video. “Somebody down here (in the audience) has been using pepper spray… which is why people can’t fucking breathe down there, right? I just don’t care what happens to them after the show, all right? In the meantime, we will try and do the best we can.”

The promoter released a statement regarding the matter stating it occurred toward the end of the show causing severe issues for the band members, the crew and audience. They later claimed the incident was due to a fan’s vape pen accidentally exploding and added that pepper spray was not used.

Dickinson is on his first Brazilian solo tour for over 20 years.

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