July 23, 2024

This Day in History: 2025-01-30



The Beatles’ legendary ‘roof-top’ performance takes place (at Apple Records’ headquarters in London). A portion appears in the film “Let It Be.” The session is stopped when the law arrives responding to neighbors’ complaints about the noise. It is the last public performance by the group. 1969

Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” wins Favorite Pop/Rock Single honor at the American Music Awards in Hollywood. 1981

Vampire Weekend is #1 on the Billboard Top 200 with their sophomore effort, “Contra.” The album sells 124,000 copies in its first week.  2010

“Listening to Metallica could help stimulate the brain,” claims Professor Galina Mindlin of New York’s Columbia University. “It’s (about) how music affects you, how it can improve your memory, how it can relieve anxiety, enhance your mood, how we can use playlists for specific tasks,” explains Mindlin. “The idea is to activate as many brain areas as you can.” 2012


Jefferson Airplane founder and singer, Marty Balin (Martyn Jerel Buchwald), is born in Cincinnati, OH. 1942

Humble Pie guitarist Steve Mariott is born in London. 1947

Phil Collins, Genesis drummer turned pop singer (yikes!), has a birthday. 1951

Elvis Presley cuts his cover of Carl Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes.” 1956

KISS perform their first show. It’s at a place called the Popcorn Club in Queens, NY. The group’s make-up and identity is a ‘work in progress’. They have the make-up but it’s leaning toward Glam (eye shadow, glitter and rouge). Less than ten people catch the show. 1973

Journey’s “Infinity” is released.  The band’s first album with vocalist Steve Perry goes triple platinum on the strength of the tracks “Lights” and “Wheel In The Sky.” 1978

“Need You Tonight” is INXS’ first #1 single in the U.S.  1988

Soundgarden earns a platinum record for “Badmotorfinger.” 1993

Offspring’s “Pretty Fly For A White Guy” makes it to #1 in the U.K. 1999

Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album, “Contra,” debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. 2010

Even though two members of Pussy Riot already languish in prison, Russian authorities order Internet providers to block videos of the group’s February ‘12 anti-Putin protest performance in a Moscow cathedral. Pussy Riot videos are banned under Russia’s ‘extremism’ law. 2013

Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, accompanied by former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagen, perform with the Seattle Symphony. Later in the show, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Chris Cornell and Matt Cameron appear for a near complete–no Eddie Vedder–reunion of Temple Of The Dog. The Sonic Evolution series features local Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop musicians playing with the symphony to provide a different perspective on the music. 2015

David Bowie’s album “Blackstar,” which was released just days before the artist’s death, goes to #1 on the Billboard 200, selling 181,000 copies in its debut week. 2016

Puddle Of Mudd’s concert at The Adelphia Music Hall in Marietta, OH ends abruptly when lead singer Wes Scantlin walks off stage after berating an audience member for “stealing” his house. Earlier in the year, Scantlin was arrested for trespassing on a property he once owned. To help assuage the audience’s disappointment the venue issues concertgoers a ticket to the next show of their choice. 2016

First, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder states in an interview that he “despised” most hair metal bands of the ‘80s and specifically Mötley Crüe.  Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx responds calling Pearl Jam “one of the most boring bands in history” and knocks Vedder’s singing. Then during a solo concert Vedder references Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s extravagant carnival ride kit ahead of Chad Smith’s solo. “That drum kit,” says Vedder.  “That silver, beautiful machine that he (Smith) is the engine of — does not need to elevate or rotate to do its job. Let me just point that out.”  2022

The Rock Hall of Fame redefines its mission statement.  “Born from the collision of Rhythm & Blues, Country and Gospel, Rock ‘n’ Roll is a spirit that is inclusive and ever-changing,” states Hall president and CEO Greg Harris. “(It) celebrates the sound of youth culture and honors the artists whose music connects us all.” This leads to speculation that the museum’s eligibility requirements for induction will become even more open to other genres in the future.  2023

Rob Zombie’s bassist Matt Montgomery (a.k.a. Piggy D.) announces his departure from the band. “It was an honor to entertain you for the last 18 years,” posts Montgomery on Instagram.  2024

Bassist Rob “Blasko” Nicholson rejoins Rob Zombie just hours after Matt Montgomery announces that he is exiting the band.  Blasko was in Zombie’s band from ’97 through ’06.  2024