April 24, 2024

A comeback album, a #1 song and a dust-up with PETA.

7/25 Staind is #1 on Billboard’s Active Rock survey with “Lowest In Me.” The single, the band’s first since ’11, is from their eighth studio album, “Confessions Of The Fallen.”

8/5  “Lowest In Me” is #1 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart.  It’s the band’s fifth single to reach #1 on the chart. “Not Again,” “So Far Away,” “Right Here” and “It’s Been Awhile” were the first four.

9/15 “Confessions Of The Fallen,” arrives.  The album, produced by Erik Ron has “an electronic element” not previously heard on Staind recordings.  

10/18 Frontman Aaron Lewis takes to Instagram to post a photo of him and three fellow hunters spelling out “Trump 24” using what appears to be 32 dead coyotes.  The post generates numerous negative comments – including a scathing shot from PETA (the animal rights group) who write, “How vile and pathetic that a washed-up musician, desperate for relevance, terrorized and killed animals to get a brief taste of the attention.”

Lewis, a lifelong hunter, notes that no one else in Staind is a hunter before adding “the drummer (Sal Giancarelli) is borderline PETA, so… I make it a point to talk to him about it as much as I can.”

A couple months later, Lewis announces his decision to postpone the remaining dates on his Country oriented solo “American Patriot Acoustic Tour.”  “After recording a new Staind album, a new solo album and playing 150-plus shows this year, my doctors have insisted I take this month off to give my voice some much needed rest.

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