This Day in History: 2023-03-15

MARCH 15th
KISS’ “Destroyer” is released. The platinum album features “Shout It Out Loud,” the hit ballad “Beth” and the incredible “Detroit Rock City.” 1976
Grateful Dead founding member and bassist, Phil Lesh, is born in Berkeley, CA. 1940
Singer Mike Love is born in L.A. He’s the cousin of fellow Beach Boys, Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson. 1941
Former Oakland DJ, record producer and leader of Sly & The Family Stone, Sly Stone, is born Sylvester Stewart in Dallas. 1944
Ryland Peter “Ry” Cooder has a birthday.  A multi-instrumentalist, Cooder is best known for his slide guitar and session work for the Rolling Stones. Eric Clapton, Neil Young and Linda Ronstadt.  1947
Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider (David Daniel Snider) has a birthday. 1955
Elvis Presley gives his last live performances before going into the Army – two hometown shows in Memphis. 1958
Poison’s lead singer, Bret Michaels (Bret Michael Sychak), enters the world. He’s from Butler, PA. 1963
Ryan Schaffer, rhythm guitarist and last remaining original member of Iced Earth, begins his life in Franklin, IN.  1968
The Byrds play the Grand Ole Opry. The Nashville establishment doesn’t think much of a bunch of ‘hippie longhairs’ playing the Country music mecca. The upshot is the band had cut their hair shorter than usual for the show. 1968
Mark Hoppus has a birthday. The Blink 182 vocalist/bassist is born in Ridgecrest, CA. 1972
Originally dismissed as a b-side, the Doobie Brothers have the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 with the Country-influenced “Black Water.” 1975
DJ Joseph Hahn, turntablist for Linkin Park and video director, has a birthday. 1977
Starship’s ballad “Sara” rules the pop chart. But its reign at #1 only lasts a week. 1986
The Who’s Pete Townshend gives the keynote address at the South X Southwest Music Conference in Austin, TX. During the speech he announces plans to launch a website for The Method project, a computer program that generates personalized music for users. 2007
The lamb lies down on Broadway (or thereabouts). Genesis is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a ceremony in New York. Original frontman Peter Gabriel does not attend; he’s preparing for a European tour. 2010
The Craft for a Cause online auction to benefit Haiti gets underway. A number of musicians contribute items including a hot-pink baby piano autographed by the members of Maroon 5. 2010
A Sammy Hagar biography, “RED: My Uncensored Life In Rock,” is in bookstores. It covers Montrose, Van Halen and the Red Rocker’s solo career. 2011
KISS open a band-themed 18-hole miniature golf course in Las Vegas. There’s also a state-of-the-art arcade, a KISS gift shop, a Rock n’ Roll All Nite Cafe and the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel. 2012
Green Day perform at the SXSW Festival in Austin and are on hand for the screening of two documentaries: “Broadway Idiot,” which chronicles the Broadway adaptation of the band’s album, “American Idiot”; and “Quatro!,” covering the band’s recording of their album trilogy, “Uno!,” “Dos!” and “Tre!” 2013
Iggy & The Stooges drummer Scott Asheton dies at the age of 64. He co-founded the band in ’67 with vocalist Iggy Pop, bassist Dave Alexander, and his guitarist brother Ron. 2014
Elton John boycotts Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana following comments made by founder Stefano Gabbana who refers to children born via in-vitro fertilization as ‘synthetic’. He adds that children should not be raised by same sex parents. Elton’s children (Zachary & Elijah) were conceived using in-vitro fertilization and raised by same sex parents.  2015
“Joan Of Arc: Into The Fire,” with book, lyrics and music composed by David Bryne (Talking Heads), opens at New York’s Public Theatre.  2017
The “Stairway To Heaven” plagiarism ruling is appealed. In ’16, a jury found that the Led Zeppelin classic did not copy the song “Taurus” written by Spirit guitarist Randy California (Wolfe).  In a brief filed in the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Wolfe’s estate argues that a series of “erroneous” jury instructions resulted in the unanimous verdict siding with Led Zeppelin.  2017
Red Hot Chili Peppers give a concert at the iconic Pyramids of Giza, one of the eight wonders of the world.  While the Grateful Dead, Sting and Yanni have played at the pyramids, it’s the first time RHCP performs in Egypt.  The concert is streamed live.  2019
Furry Puppet Studio Inc. files a suit in Manhattan federal court against Fall Out Boy. The stuffed animal company created the creatures seen in the video “Young And Menace.” The company says the band did not have permission to use the life-sized llama puppets anywhere but in the video and have illegally exploited the puppets by using them in other videos and on their tour. A company lawyer states that the damages sought could reach millions of dollars.  2019
It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without a fight. Dropkick Murphys, in the midst of their annual St. Patrick’s Day run of shows, sees bassist Ken Casey injured after jumping into the audience to confront an overly aggressive, inebriated crowd member who is elbowing others, including women, near the stage.  Casey is hit with a beer can which draws blood.  2019  
The first installment of the two-part mini-series, “Phoenix Rising,” debuts on HBO.  The series chronicles Rachel Wood’s chance meeting with Marilyn Manson (born Brian Warner) and describes how that evening turned into a years-long relationship that she claims included vicious sexual, physical and emotional abuse.  The second installment premieres the following day. 2022
Marina Cardenas, bassist/keyboardist for Eagles Of Death Metal, comes out of a coma after suffering an asthma attack that led to brain damage.  2022