“The Beatles” (aka “The White Album”) is #1 on the Billboard chart where it remains for 9-weeks.  1968
After receiving Billboard’s Top Tour of the Year honor, U2’s 360º tour is also #1 on Pollstar.com’s list of the most profitable tours of the year. The tour pulled in $230 million worldwide and sold over 2.4 million concert tickets. 2011
Edgar Winter (Edgar Winter Group) is born in Beaumont, TX. He, and his group, are best known for the ’73 album “They Only Come Out At Night” containing the #1 hit instrumental “Frankenstein” and “Free Ride.” Yes, he’s Johnny’s kid brother. 1946
Singer Alex Chilton is born in Memphis, TN. He makes a lasting impression as the singer for The Box Tops (“The Letter”). 1950
The Doors unleash “Touch Me.” Though released well before the infamous Miami concert (March ‘69), the song is suggestively linked to that over-exposed event. 1968
The three-day Miami Pop Festival begins.   Over 100,000 see The Grateful Dead, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf and Fleetwood Mac. 1968
A guy points a gun at Ted Nugent during a Spokane concert and is brought down by security and audience members. 1975
The Beach Boys drummer (and the group’s only actual surfer), Dennis Wilson, drowns in Marina Del Rey at age 39. He dives to retrieve dropped jewelry and doesn’t come up. 1983
Linkin Park announce they have renegotiated their deal with Warner Music Group. Reportedly the group receives a $15 million advance and an estimated 20-percent royalty rate. This is a turnaround from just a few months earlier when Linkin Park tried to get out of their Warner record deal claiming mismanagement. 2005
Marilyn Manson settles a $20 million lawsuit filed against him by former bandmate Stephen Bier. The keyboardist, also known as Pogo/Madonna Wayne Gacy, sued Manson for breach of contract, claiming he was deprived of his share of the band’s earnings due to Manson’s questionable acquisitions. The suit is settled for $380,000 with $175,000 coming from Manson’s insurance and the remainder from Bier’s former business managers.  2009
Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan is found dead at his home in Huntington Beach, CA. “Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother,” the band writes on their site. The cause of death was revealed to have been an acute polydrug-alcohol intoxication combined with cardiomegaly (enlarged heart). He was 28. 2009
London Mayor Boris Johnson categorically states that Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards should be honored with knighthood. “It is a continuing scandal that Keef Richards has not been made, at the very least, a knight bachelor,” writes Johnson in an open letter to the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph. “I cannot think of another member of the British artistic, cultural or media world who has done so much or who has so widely penetrated the global consciousness.” Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair knighted the Stones’ Mick Jagger in ‘03. 2010
Chris Daughtry donates 100% of the proceeds from the sales of his song “Gone Too Soon” to the Newtown Connecticut School Shooting Victims Fund. “I feel so blessed that I can be a part of bringing some sort of relief to the families right now,” states Daughtry. 2012
Bruce Springsteen’s “High Hopes” is mistakenly put on sale by Amazon a little over two weeks ahead of its release date. Although the online retailer quickly corrects the error, Springsteen’s 18th studio album is circulated via filesharing networks. 2013
Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker’s David Lowery lead a $150 million lawsuit accusing Spotify of failing to find and pay composers and songwriters of tracks provided to its users. 2015
We lost the Ace of Spades. Mötörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister dies just two days after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and four days after his 70th birthday. “Today we lost the greatest badass in the history of Rock ‘n Roll,” says one-time temporary Mötörhead drummer Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses).  2015
Nirvana (including the Kurt Cobain estate) sues fashion designer Marc Jacobs for using their iconic smiley face logo in a product line titled Bootleg Redux Grunge.  The line features a squiggle-smiley face and the letters “M” and “J” in place of the original x’s.   2018
Former President Barack Obama issues his personal list of favorite songs of the year.  Known for his eclectic tastes, the two-term Commander In Chief includes the mid-tempo Rock song “One Trick Ponies” by The War On Drugs’ Kurt Vile.  2018