September 29, 2023
Cocktail Kit

Slipknot has dropped “Adderall.”

The six-track set contains three versions of the title track (no intro, rough mix and instrumental).

“Adderall” was originally the lead track on last year’s “The End, So Far album. The remaining tracks are non-album songs including the recently released haunting single, “Death March.”

“Adderall” Tracks

  1. Death March
  2. Adderall (no intro)
  3. Adderall (rough demo)
  4. Red Or Redder
  5. Adderall (instrumental)
  6. Hard To Be Here

The surprise arrival of “Adderall” comes during a busy week for Slipknot. There was Clown (Shawn Crahan) sitting out early European tour stops to attend to his wife, the departure of long-time keyboardist Craig Jones (133) and the addition of a new “mystery” member.

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