Amid speculation regarding Saliva’s future following the passing of guitarist/co-founder Wayne Swinny (pictured above) the band has decided to press on.

“As we grieved, we also took time to reflect on the joy of countless memories together on the road, travelling, making music and performing,” wrote the band in a statement.

“We had recently completed an album that was three years in the making… we intend to move forward with the release of our album so everyone can hear the new songs that Wayne put his heart and soul into.

“We will also continue with the summer tour plans, honoring his memory every time we perform with a portion of the proceeds from each show (to be) gifted to his daughter Nikki.”

Saliva is known for their platinum second full-length effort “Every Six Seconds” plus subsequent albums “Back Into Your System” and “Blood Stained Love Story.”  The song “Always” topped Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart while “Ladies And Gentleman” peaked at #2 on the Mainstream Rock Chart. 

Swinny passed away from a brain hemorrhage on March 22nd, 2023, at age 59.  He was the last original member who still remained with the band.

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