September 29, 2023
Cocktail Kit

Over the weekend, Paramore returned to the road following a run of concert postponements (San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Salt Late City) due to an “illness within the touring party.”  These shows have been rescheduled for the coming weeks.

“I started getting sick in Houston (with a non-contagious lung infection) and muscled my way all the way through L.A.,” Williams shared in a post.  But eventually, her “body gave out.”

She explained that she’d gone through a “week of misery, sadness, and bellyfuls of antibiotics and steroids.”

Even so, Williams received criticism on social media for missing the concerts to which she stated, “the shows weren’t cancelled, merely postponed a week.”

Williams added, “the only thing that’s changed is the platform from which they (critics on social media) spew their ignorance.”

While the passage of time has made touring harder Williams wrote it’s still exhilarating.

“We get on stage for 2 hours and I see the world through this joyous, hopeful and wide-open lens. This tour has done my heart a lot of good.”

Paramore’s tour in support of their sixth album, “This Is Why” will wrap in mid-August.

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