New Found Glory has slated next Friday (January 20th) as the release date for the acoustic album, “Make The Most Of It.”

The set features seven tracks written after guitarist Chad Gilbert’s was diagnosed with cancer diagnosis.   

In addition, there are another seven live acoustic versions of fan favorites.

“I feel proud that we can release an album with joy and honesty in a way that will hopefully make people less fearful of life,” Gilbert explained. “A lot of times we punish ourselves for things that might never happen. I’m going through something that did happen but doing it with hope and joy and a greater appreciation.”

A percentage of proceeds from “Make The Most Of It” will go to The Pheo Para Alliance, the internationally recognized leader in bringing attention to pheochromocytoma, a rare, usually noncancerous (benign) tumor on an adrenal gland that may cause high blood pressure, headaches, sweating and symptoms of a panic attack. If a pheochromocytoma isn’t treated, severe or life-threatening damage to other body systems can result.

Make The Most Of It” Track Lsting:

01. Dream Born Again
02. Mouth To Mouth
03. Get Me Home
04. Watch The Lilies Grow
05. More Than Enough
06. Kiss The Floor
07. Bloom
08. Understatement
09. All Downhill From Here
10. Dressed To Kill
11. The Story So Far
12. Failures Not Flattering
13. My Friends Over You
14. Hit Or Miss

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