Eric Clapton’s “The Definitive 24 Nights,” a limited-edition boxed set, will drop June 23rd.

Clapton played a series of 24 concerts in ’91 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

Each night featured a set with one of three lineups — a Rock band, a Blues band, or an orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen. 

A double live album and home video released shortly after the concerts delivered great performances but only covered a fraction of what was filmed and recorded.

“The Definitive 24 Nights,” contains nearly six hours of live music, and 35 previously unreleased tracks using the best performances from the Rock, Blues, and orchestral nights to create full concerts for each genre.

“The Definitive 24 Nights” Track Listing

“24 Nights: Rock”

01. Pretending
02. Running On Faith
03. Breaking Point 
04. I Shot The Sheriff 
05. White Room
06. Can’t Find My Way Home (Nathan East on lead vocals)
07. Bad Love
08. Before You Accuse Me 
09. Lay Down Sally *
10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 
11. Old Love 
12. No Alibis 
13. Tearing Us Apart 
14. Cocaine 
15. Wonderful Tonight
16. Layla 
17. Crossroads 
18. Sunshine Of Your Love 

“24 Nights: Blues”

01. Key To The Highway 
02. Worried Life Blues
03. Watch Yourself
04. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
05. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 
06. Something On Your Mind 
07. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) 
08. It’s My Life Baby 
09. Johnnie’s Boogie 
10. Black Cat Bone 
11. Reconsider Baby 
12. My Time After A While 
13. Sweet Home Chicago 
14. Watch Yourself (Reprise)

“24 Nights: Orchestral”

01. Crossroads 
02. Bell Bottom Blues
03. Lay Down Sally 
04. Holy Mother 
05. I Shot The Sheriff 
06. Hard Times
07. Can’t Find My Way Home  (Nathan East on lead vocals)
08. Edge Of Darkness
09. Old Love 
10. Wonderful Tonight 
11. White Room 
12. Concerto For Electric Guitar (composed by Michael Kamen)
13. A Remark You Made (A tribute to Jaco Pastorius)
14. Layla 
15. Sunshine Of Your Love 

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