September 29, 2023
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Dragonforce frontman Marc Hudson has unfurled “The Siren.” The track is from his first solo album, “Starbound Stories,” which will arrive on August 25th.

“’The Siren‘ serves as a love letter to the nightlife of Japan, lighting up the sky with endless colors and possibilities,” explained Hudson.

A press release described the album as a “power Metal ride” and was “heavily influenced by both Japanese music and video game soundtracks.”

“Starbound Stories” Track Listing:

01. As The Twilight Met The Sea
02. Freedom Heart
03. Dracula X!
04. Stars
05. The Siren
06. Astralive
07. Swansong
08. Call Of The Martyrs
09. Starbound Stories
10. One More Sight Of The Sun With You

Dragonforce bassist Frédéric Leclercq contributed bass and guitars to the album.

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