Glam Rock

Rock stardom was getting boring. Predictable. A group would get on TV, sing their latest single and go on the road. Been there, done that.

Rock, even in a stagnate environment, can count on somebody arriving with a new idea. By the early ’70s, Rock was in a constant game of “Can You Top This?” A group would appear with an outrageous look, style or gimmick. A short time later, they would be passe because somebody else was doing something even more extreme. Make-up, props, lyrics, song structure – everything was being altered to fit the moment. It was showbiz after all.

David Bowie, Alice Cooper, KISS and Queen brought theatrical productions to Rock. KISS had the brilliant idea of using make-up to define each of the four characters. It was, in retrospect, a stroke a genius. First, the make-up and outlandish horror-movie costumes attracted a lot of attention. Second, the make-up keep the band looking the same regardless of their advanced aging process due to an intense Rock n’ Roll lifestyle.